Client Access

A new version of the ChequeSource application is coming ... We are currently getting ready to start the tranisitioning process.
The current application will remain functioning during the entire time up until everyone has moved to the new system.
To continue to use this solution in the Edge browser, please review how to enable your working solution in Edge by using IE Mode.
There will be 3 stages to getting customers moved over.
An initial communication for the new web application can be found here.
March 2023: We are currently working on reviewing our infrastructure and operational activivites before resuming preparing for stage 2. Internal training is expected to complete in May. Communications and training materials are being prepared for administrative access coming in May.
Stage 1 - Testing out the new printing component - this is now completed and we are making any necessary changes realized during the testing period.
Stage 2 - Any users that have IT or Administrator access to their institutions will be able to log in and test out all of the existing forms for the branch and make any necessary adjustments. There should be minimal adjustments required as we have tried carefully to migrate settings from our current system.
Stage 3 - Once all accounts and job orders have been synced, all users will be then able to login and start using the new system.
After an initial login, users will be prompted to enter their email which will become their username and then they will need to update their password. The workflow for how cheques are ordered or printed from a queue has not changed.